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Who is Mama Tomiko?

Mama Tomiko

Tomiko Wada, "Mama Tomiko": Teacher and Researcher of Pressure Cooking and Macrobiotic Cooking

Mama Tomiko was born on December 14th, of the Showa period, as the eldest daughter in a general goods and hardware store.

She is now the 4th generation representative director and owner of the Wadakatsu CO.,LTD.
Wadakatsu is one of the few remaining general goods and hardware stores located on a traditional covered market street.
The Wadakatsu store was founded approximately 100 years ago in the Meiji period. Mama Tomiko's father incorporated the store in 1965.

Mama Tomiko expanded her activities to include the professional teaching of pressure cooking and macrobiotics in 2004. She has been researching, using and teaching with pressure cookers for 34 years. Each meal, everyday, a pressure cooker quickly delivers a healthy meal to her table.

She is fond of saying, "My cooking is folk wisdom." Her experience has taught her that your diet not only can provide you with a healthy body and beautiful skin, but improve your mental and emotional health as well.

Traditional cuisine is something that is handed down from generation to generation through the family and community. Macrobiotics is rooted in the inherited wisdom of Japanese cuisine.

Mama Tomiko's "Casual Macrobiotics" uses a pressure cooker to make it possible for busy people to be able to enjoy the wealth of benefits to health and beauty of macrobiotics. The "Pressure Cookery Class" held at the Wadakatsu store has about 1,100 students, (as of August 2008.) Since 2004, Mama Tomiko has also been teaching a "Macrobiotic Cooking Class."

She has also been teaching the "Pressure Cooking and the Macrobiotic Lifestyle" "Pressure Cooking Without Fear" classes at the NHK Culture Center Kyoto since October, 2006.

While rooted in Japanese culinary traditions, macrobiotics has a global following of people interested in its benefits for health, beauty and happiness. The rigorous time demands of this dietary system, however, can be a stress that discourages long term adherence. Mama Tomiko believes that her role is to teach people an "easy macrobiotics" and improve access to this healthful practice.

On this site, you will find a variety of tips to help you enter easily into the world of macrobiotics. Enjoy macrobiotics the fun and easy way!