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Pressure cooker

Wonder chef’s TROIS

Pressure cooker

Pressure cooker is essential to cook whole grained rice deliciously. I make heavy use of pressure cooker to boil or steam foods. The feature of pressure cooker is to cook under pressure in a sealed environment. So, when you cook whole grained rice by pressure, the rice can be well cooked in a short time and will be plump and delicious. In pressure cooking, vitamins are resistant to destruction, foods keep its flavor, and you can cook delicious dishes. It really is eco and LOHAS cooking that is popular right now. You can also save money not only on gas bill but also on water bill and seasoning cost. Among them, you can save much money on seasoning cost with my recipes.
I would like to strongly recommend a pressure cooker to prepare meals for baby or those who require nursing care.

When you choose a pressure cooker, please keep the following in mind. Choose a pressure cooker with a simple mechanism. The most important points are as follows. Choose one with a lid that is easy to open or close. Gland packing can be easily removed. The back of a lid must be flat.
What is the main purpose of using a pressure cooker?
If you want to cook meat or whole grained rice, you should choose one that has a high-pressure setting. If you want to mainly cook vegetables or boil foods, you may choose one that has a low-pressure setting only.
And if your family is small (family of up to two people), you may choose a small one. A light and small pressure cooker is very useful.

Recommended pressure cooker
Wonder chef’s TROIS
3L: 16,800 yen
5L: 21,000 yen
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