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Shopping Info

Shopping Information (Information based on the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions)

Retailer Wadakatsu Co., Ltd.
Shop manager Tomiko Wada, the representative director
Postal code 612-8053 (Japan)
Address 772-2 Higashiote-cho, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto city
Payment method PayPal or bank transfer (Advance payment in both methods)
The payment flow is as follows:
1. Order (Please use the e-mail form)
Please choose the payment method when ordering.
2. We will inform you of the total amount of payment (the price of the goods and the shipping cost).
If you chose PayPal at the Step 1, you will receive an e-mail from PayPal.
3. Please make a payment by the due date.
Due date for payment After receiving your order, we will send you an e-mail about the payment. Please be sure to make a payment within seven days after receipt of this e-mail.
Charges other than the price of the goods In addition to the price of the goods, you need to pay the shipping cost, the option charge (when you ordered paid services or parts in addition to the goods themselves), insurance premiums, custom duties, and bank transfer fee, depending on the ordered goods.

About shipping cost

Ordered goods are delivered by EMS (Express Mail Service of Japan Post) or an international package delivery service. We choose the appropriate one to deliver your ordered items. As charges for EMS are usually lower than those for other international package delivery services, we basically use EMS. But, we use an international package delivery service when the destination is not included in the EMS’s delivery area or the package weighs more than 30 kg.
Please refer to the following table for the delivery charges for EMS. (As of August 2008)
>> EMS Price list

About custom duties

Custom duties will be imposed on the goods. Please refer to the following for the custom duties.

Who pays custom duties?
An importer should pay custom duties. In other words, customers should pay.
How much does it cost for custom duties? Who decides the price?
Every item is classified into universal customs classification.
Each classification has its own duty rate in percentage terms.
If duty rate is 100 %, the custom duty of a 50-dollar item is 50 dollars.
The customs classification is universal but the duty rate differs from country to country.
An item shipped from Japan is classified at the customs house in the U.S. and custom duty is imposed according to the duty rate of the U.S.
The customs classification is very detailed. The final decision is made at the customs house in the U.S. If we calculate the classification and the duty rate when we ship from Japan, the classification at the customs house in the U.S. might be different form ours and thus the duty rate might be different form our calculation.
So, please note that we cannot tell you a duty rate of an item you ordered.
How do I pay custom duties?
You should pay custom duties following the instruction from the customs house in the U.S. So we cannot tell you the exact method of payment. But, just for reference, it seems to be common that an importer receives notification before delivery or pays when a package is delivered.

About insurance

EMS is covered by the insurance program and you can insure your package against damage or loss at a small amount of insurance premium. We insure against packages when we ship them.
Insurance premium is free if an item price is under 20,000 yen. If an item is worth more than 20,000 yen, insurance premium (additional charge) of 50 yen will be added per 20,000 yen.
The examples are as follows.
Insurance premium for an item of 20,000 yen: 0 yen
Insurance premium for an item of 40,000 yen: 50 yen
Insurance premium for an item of 60,000 yen: 100 yen
If there is any item damaged and it appears to have damaged in the mails, there is a chance that you could recover damages. Please contact USPS about the procedure in such case. (Probably procedure goes as follows: You would submit a damage report to USPS, and USPS would decide the amount of damages after investigation.)

If your ordered items are delivered by the delivery service other than EMS, we will check the insurance premiums and inform you of it. So, please decide whether or not to insure the package.

Defective goods First, please inform us about the defective goods within one week after receipt of your order.
After that, we will contact you. As our store is closed on January 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, if you contact us while the store is closed we will contact you after the store holiday.
Delivery date We will arrange for the shipping within three working days after we received your order.
Ordered goods are delivered by EMS (Express Mail Service of Japan Post) or an international package delivery service. In most cases, as the package is delivered by air, it takes about three to ten days to deliver. However, please note that sometimes it requires time to pass through the customs. In such a case, it may take ten or more days.
Due date for returning goods Decided after confirming the reason for the return
Shipping cost for returning goods Wadakatsu is responsible for shipping costs for returned goods if the goods are returned because of initial defects or damages in transit. In case of returning goods for other reasons, customer is responsible for shipping costs.
Qualifications No qualification
Store name or service name Selected cooking utensils and household goods store, Wadakatsu
Phone number 075-611-0777
*There is no staff who can speak English at our store, so please contact us not by phone but by e-mail. We can reply in English by e-mail.