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Tomiko Wada, who has 34 years of experience in pressure cooking, teaches you the secret to starting macrobiotics with a pressure cooker! And let's learn about the traditional Japanese food, which is the origin of macrobiotics!

Healthy Japanese Cooking with "Mama Tomiko"

You can satisfy your desire for delicious foods, beauty, and health all at once with "Japanese cuisine." Do you know that macrobiotics is the Japanese cuisine a little while ago? If you know it, you might be able to understand that macrobiotics makes you beautiful and healthy. There is no difficulty in practicing macrobiotics.
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I believe that the basics of Japanese cooking are to use ingredients that are in season, to reflect the spirit of the season in your cooking, to produce beautiful dishes, to use only light seasonings and focus our attention on the original flavor of the ingredients and most of all, to use whole grain rice for half of your rice. I will continue to elaborate on these concepts as we go.

It is an unfortunate truth that the meals served on the typical Japanese kitchen table of a September 2008 household have drifted away from the roots of Japanese cuisine. I believe, however, that traditional cuisine is poised to make a comeback. Traditional Japanese cuisine holds answers for so many of our modern ills, such as health and the environment.

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